20150512_133826Tiffany (TPSquared)

I’m Tiffany (PSquared, because both my middle and last names start with “P”). 

Like most book lovers, I’ve never known a time when I haven’t had a book in my bag, my desk, or under the crook of my arm. But even before I could read them myself, there was always someone dragging me onto their knees coaxing me into stories of unicorns and fairy dust, resourceful women, and magical men. Reading has been a part of even my earliest memories.

When I’m not reading (and even while I’m reading!) I’m a mother to a wonderfully bright and giggly girl named Cassidy who also is addicted to reading. She gets it from me!

My reading tastes are eclectic, ranging from thrillers and mysteries, romance, historical fiction, and even horror. I like science fiction and fantasy, and I even started dipping my toe into YA recently. I’m a polygamous reader, so I usually have books going from different genres all at once. That helps me avoid genre fatigue.

Yes, my TBR is out of control and I still can’t pass a bookstore without that all-too-familiar itch that many book addicts feel! None of my self-imposed book bans have ever worked – EVER! Yet, I still set them. I have to try 😁

But one of the very best things about being a bookaholic is bringing that new book home from the store, gently turning to those first pages, dipping your nose inside and taking a big whiff! Used books have a great smell too – that of history and past lives that this book is now sharing with you. Is there anything better than the smell of a book?

I hope you enjoy experiencing some of the books I read (new and not-so-new) right along with me. Like, comment, and make recommendations and I’ll keep reading right along with the rest of you!


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