Of Blood and Bone

⇒The One trains in the woods and teaches everyone what an alicorn is. Plus, there’s lots of talking.⇐

Author: Nora Roberts

A Generous Rating

(4.39 stars – Goodreads rating)

Genre: Fiction / Fantasy

Format: Audiobook (CDs)

Published December 4, 2018, by St. Martin’s Press (Brilliance Audio)

Pages: 453 (Hardcover) ; 11 Audio Discs (13:46)


Love has no end, no borders, no limits. The more you give, the more there is.

OK, this is going to be one of my shorter reviews. The only reason being that I really don’t have much to say about this book.

I felt obligated to read it because: 1. I read Year One last year, in January (it seemed like a good idea at the time) and 2. I wanted to see if the sequel managed to be any better than the original. Nope.

Of Blood and Bone centers mainly around the emergence of The One, Fallon Swift, and the process this young girl goes through to become a magical, mystical, warring powerhouse.

This sequel to Year One follows pretty much in its predecessor’s footsteps. There is a lot of farming, walking, and training for battles that are promised, but not prevalent. And there is talking. Lots and lots of talking. About what makes a dad, and what makes a family. About who to love, how to love, and when to love. About forgiveness and feelings, and yadda, yadda, yadda. Blah, blah, blah! LOTS of talking.

One tip Nora Roberts could pick up from true fantasy writers: Action! Fantasy and Sci-Fi demand motion and drama and kinetic energy! And while learning about husbandry and the intricacies of constructing a home for honeybees has its place, should that place really take up a whole chapter? My vote is no. I do care about the process, but it’s like reading about someone teaching someone else how to do something fantastic, and then waiting around for 32 chapters until you get to actually experience them doing something fantastic! A lot of patience for a little reward.

The rare action scenes felt like fresh air, but I cannot honestly say that they were “worth the wait”. So, I sigh knowing that this is a trilogy and one more book, The Rise of Magicks, is waiting in the wings. *sigh*

Sidenote: You may have heard about the squabble between this author and Tomi Adeyemi over the title of this book. If not, don’t worry, it’s petty and childish. But I have to mention that although each side has a host of supporters, I have to agree that the title issue is awfully suspect, especially since the phrase “of blood and bone” was hardly key to this particular story at all. JUST AN OBSERVATION. My last thought on it for those who figure that T.A.’s rep will suffer because of the rift, I’ll only say that she is a true fantasy author with a different, dedicated audience and at least her book was hella good (and that’s coming from an avid Roberts reader)!

Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than 200 novels.

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